Mini-workshop on “Ice sheets in the climate system”

As part of the Hazards Theme group at the Bjerknes Centre, we started a working group on ice sheets and sea level, using the strategic project RISES as a hub. On Friday May 4th we had a workshop with 6 excellent presentations on topics related to ice sheets. We learned about: 1) using volcanic ashes for precise synchronization of sediment and ice cores; 2) the onset of the Little Ice Age and its atmospheric signature; 3) all the factors that sum up coastal sea level change; 4) various methods for understanding ocean-ice shelf interactions; 5) a new (pancake) ice sheet model incorporating oxygen isotopes; and 6) the spatial distribution of the oxygen isotopic composition in accumulation over the Greenland Ice Sheet.

After the presentations we discussed key challenges for our ice sheet related research, indicating the need for the implementation of oxygen isotopes, ice sheets, ice shelves and ice-ocean fluxes in NorESM, better chronology/synchronization methods for (proxy) data, focus on uncertainty estimates from data and models, and improved bathymetry data.

Thanks to the presenters Sarah, Willem, Even, Elin, Andreas and Anne-Katrine, and all other  ~25 participants for making this workshop a success!

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