Bjerknes Visiting Fellow: Michele Petrini

Dr Michele Petrini

We were excited to host Dr Michele Petrini, from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands as a Bjerknes Visiting Fellow for a 5-day visit to Bergen in June 2018. Michele is a numerical ice sheet modeller specialising in palaeo-ice sheets. He recently joined the team of Dr Miren Vizcaino on the ERC-funded Project CoupledIceClim where he is working to simulate the deglaciation of all northern hemisphere ice sheets since the Last Glacial Maximum within a transient coupled ice sheet–climate model framework. During his visit we discussed climate-ice sheet model development, results from his ice sheet modelling simulations of the Barents-Kara Ice Sheet, nuances of the glacial geological record in the eastern Barents Sea, and methods for data-model comparison using the DATED-1 reconstruction of the Eurasian ice sheets based on geological data. It was a stimulating research visit for all of the RISES team and we look forward to on-going collaboration with Michele in the future. 

Michele presented result from his PhD work to model the evolution of the Eurasian ice sheets during a BCCR-GFI seminar: Ice stream sensitivity to ocean warming of the simulated Barents Sea Ice Sheet during the last deglaciation.

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