Visit of Edward Hanna

Prof. Edward Hanna from the University of Lincoln in UK is a world leading scientist in Polar climate. He has extensive experience working on ice sheet mass balance and interactions with climate change and public understanding of science, especially in meteorology. His current research activities have also significantly contributed to the investigation of possible links between Arctic amplification and the occurrence of extreme weather in the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes. These are research topics at the forefront of international research. His two lectures and the following discussions with students and scientists from Nansen Centre and Bjerknes Centre have taken the initiative for potential collaboration. There are several activities, such as joint proposal to KLIMAFORSK call 2018 and joint research papers on daily Arctic amplification episodes have already started after his visit. We see this as a fruitful research visit, and hopefully will be able to strengthen the collaborations in the near future.

Organized and written by Linling Chen

Guest lectures:
1. Arctic amplification and mid-latitude extreme weather
2. Greenland Ice Sheet mass balance and climate interactions

Interview with Edward Hanna

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